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Notice: This repair center has been reported by other customers, we are corporate with the police to obtain evidence, so still shown on here. please do not trust it. after the police obtain evidence ended, we will delete this repair center's information. Thank you.


We use all the advantages of an excellent service center and offer profitable solutions for all owners of miners.The highest quality of repairs, since the same equipment and the same technologies of manufacturers are used as for warranty repairs. I.e., high quality repairs, without additional costs! You do not need to pay for our expensive equipment for repairs, all the costs are already on us. And this equipment is not available in ordinary workshops, so this quality of repair is unattainable.

• After repair, 10 to 20 tests are carried out!

•  All terms and prices are under your control.

You pay for repairs at the price agreed with you and only when you have checked the quality of our work.

Make sure that fast and high-quality repairs are not expensive and are available to you. Treat yourself to a really High-Quality Service! You deserve it!

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Recientemente, un estafador afirmó falsamente ser empleado de nuestra empresa.
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